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The children we serve at The Children’s Center Utah are seeking the tools and skills to learn how to listen to adults, manage their emotions, play with peers, and succeed in school. By volunteering with us, you can positively impact a child’s development and mental health by joining our “big people” teams in the therapeutic preschool, volunteering at events that support the work we all do here at The Children’s Center Utah, or even support our therapeutic preschool team by cleaning toys and classrooms after hours.

We wouldn’t be able to help the many families and children here at The Children’s Center Utah without the support and dedication of our volunteers!


On the second Friday of every month, a group of explorers from Thanksgiving Point will join our Therapeutic Preschool groups. Their Learning and Engagement team will teach children about bugs, animals, dinosaurs, and more!


This year, at our 10th Anniversary Jewelry Luncheon we had a team of 45 energetic, compassionate, and dedicated volunteers help us raise over $188,000!


Thank you to Optum Health for continuing to send groups of volunteers to clean toys, tables and chairs, and classrooms at The Children’s Center! Optum has sent over 50 volunteers in the past few months and continually show up eager and willing to help in whatever capacity they can. Thank you so much to everyone from Optum who has volunteered with us!!

Our volunteers offer at The Children’s Center Utah the capacity to fully invest in the mental health needs and therapeutic strategies in our group rooms, while allowing the volunteers a chance to model healthy relationships and positive behaviors through interacting with the children. We hope The Children’s Center is a good fit for both you and those we serve!

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