Who We Help

For over 60 years, The Children’s Center Utah has served as a beacon of hope for families across Utah. Our agency has become a multifaceted organization skilled at helping children and families. Our clinical team is trained to provide professional, compassionate care for every family that seeks our help.

Parents often wonder when it’s time to reach out for help. The Children’s Center Utah’s clinical team provides care for parents and caregivers who are concerned about social-emotional delays, sleep and appetite issues, and toileting accidents. In addition, we see children who are struggling to manage their emotions and exhibit prolonged temper outbursts; children who are unable to get along with peers in childcare or preschool, or families struggling to get back on track during or after a separation or divorce.

It’s important to understand that all young children exhibit difficult behaviors from time to time, but it may be time to get help if:

  • You find that you are frustrated by your child's behavior and find that parenting is more distressing than pleasurable.
  • Your child's care center or preschool teacher often talks about challenges your child has during the day.
  • Your child has been exposed to trauma such as violence in the home or community, physical or sexual abuse, neglect, or the traumatic loss of a parent or caregiver.
  • You are concerned that your child may be exhibiting symptoms of a psychiatric condition such as depression. 
  • Your family is struggling with a separation or divorce.

We recognize that bringing a young child to The Children's Center Utah for treatment is a very personal and challenging decision. At The Children's Center Utah, our clinical team is trained to provide professional, compassionate care for every family who seeks our help. We will determine if your child and your family would benefit from our services by listening carefully to your concerns.

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