Therapeutic Preschool Program

This program is for existing clients in family therapy that have been referred by a clinician

Children and teachers doing artWhen children struggle to succeed in childcare or preschool, our unique Therapeutic Preschool Program provides intensive daily treatment for the child. Children learn to listen to adults, manage their emotions, play with peers, and gain the skills they need to succeed in school.

Building Resilience

A child's challenges often affect the whole family, so family therapy is the first step to helping both a child and his or her family get back on track. Parent(s) and/or caregiver(s) must meet with a clinician for family therapy a minimum of once each month while a child participates in the Therapeutic Preschool Program.

Who Can Benefit from Our Therapeutic Preschool Program?

Our Therapeutic Preschool Program is for children ages 2 to 5 who are struggling with emotional or behavioral challenges that may include:

  • Temper tantrums
  • Aggression toward family members or other children
  • An inability to play quietly or a tendency to constantly be “on the go”
  • Difficulty managing emotions and responding to adult limits and or requests
  • Behavioral challenges that are creating concerns in a regular childcare or school program
  • Traumatic experiences, such as exposure to physical or sexual abuse, neglect, domestic violence, community violence, or loss of a parent or caregiver

These kinds of challenges can affect how children learn and grow, and may make it difficult for children to succeed in a traditional preschool. They can also strain family relationships at home.

TCCU Two kids playing with kids in background

Overview of the Therapeutic Preschool Program

Children receive treatment for three hours each day, either in the mornings (9 -12) or afternoons (12-3). We provide transportation to get the children to and from our centers. Children are usually in treatment for an average of nine months to a year. Family therapy is provided to each child’s family in order to help the family understand and follow their child’s treatment plan and make changes at home that support what the child is learning in the Therapeutic Preschool Program. Frequent monitoring of the child’s progress at home and at The Center is used to carefully track the child’s performance and make decisions about the length of a child’s treatment. If your child is enrolled in our Therapeutic Preschool Program, transportation is offered.

Our Therapeutic Preschool groups are led by highly skilled paraprofessionals who receive direct supervision from our licensed clinical staff.

Program staff is trained to help children:

  • Communicate feelings to develop emotion regulation skills
  • Gain control over their emotions
  • Learn to play successfully with others and develop age-appropriate play skills
  • Meet group expectations and learn to follow rules


Early intervention is essential to helping young children overcome behavioral and emotional challenges. The Children's Center Utah has an outstanding success rate with more than 90% of families reporting that relationships with their children have improved during the course of treatment. Amazing changes happen every day for children in our Therapeutic Preschool! For further information, contact us!

Amazing changes happen every day for children in our Therapeutic Preschool!


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