The Children’s Center Utah Raises Mental Health Awareness for Children and Adults - (The Daily Dish) – Utah Governor Spencer Cox has declared May 1st as National Children’s Mental Health Awareness Day, and the president and CEO of the Children’s Center in Utah, Rebecca Dutson, believes that it is important to eliminate the stigma around mental health. With May being Mental Health Awareness Month, it is crucial to encourage people to talk about mental health and get the support they need.

Dutson believes that the pandemic has opened a door for people to be more willing to talk about mental health, and more adults understand the impact it has on children. The American Academy of Pediatrics declared a national emergency regarding children’s mental health in October 2022 due to the pandemic’s impact on youth and children’s mental health. However, it is important to note that mental health concerns existed before the pandemic, and it is crucial to get children the treatment they need as early as possible to help them thrive.

The Children’s Center Utah provides mental health treatment to toddlers, preschoolers, and their families to promote emotional well-being. Dutson also emphasizes the need for parents to take time to take care of their own mental health so they can be aware of their children’s emotions and behaviors. If parents notice concerning behaviors, they should contact their pediatrician’s office or the Children’s Center Utah for help.


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