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Wish List

Kids respond to therapy best when they are warm, well nourished and have engaging toys and activities. You can encourage their progress in therapy with a donation from our wish list, or you can organize a neighborhood or workplace drive to help us keep our shelves stocked. Each donation plays an important part in bringing back the joy to a child's life.

Contact our Volunteer and Community Outreach Coordinator, Leslie Durham, at 801-578-2329 or if you have questions or want to schedule a group activity.


Clothing Item


Elastic waist knit pants/sweat pants/shorts 2T - 7
Unisex shoes and boots in gender-neutral colors 3 - 13
Boys & girls Pull-Ups 3T - 5T
Diapers 5T
Boys' & girls' underpants 2T - 7
Long-sleeved shirts 2T - 7
Elastic waist knit pants/sweat pants 2T - 7
Children's socks  
Snow pants/suits 2T - 7
Children's umbrellas  
Children's gloves  



Diverse dolls and stories   Large-piece floor puzzles
Shells   Beads, buttons
Gently used children's books   Popsicle Sticks
Colored construction paper   Plastic cookie cutters
Feathers   Fisher Price Little People
Pom pom balls, pipe cleaners   Giant waffle blocks
Jumbo foam blocks (4" X 15" or larger)   Wood doll house furniture
Googly eyes   Doll house people
Paint brushes (especially large sized)   Biopaint
Glitter   Wood puzzles
Play dough & accessorries (play dough scissors, plastic cookie cutters, etc.)   Washable tempura paint
Big floor puzzles   Wikki Sticks
Magnadoodles   White boards and markers
Magnet boards, magnets, magnet wands   Liquid glue
Clear (no design) contact paper   Masking tape
Shaving cream   Doll strollers
Hand held mirrors   Alphabet/number books
Slinkies   Alphabet/number cards
Manual can opener   Stickers
Water colors   Tinker toys
Doll houses   Small dry erase boards
Wooden magnet trains and train tracks   Doctor toys
Construction toys   Lacing cards



Towels and wash cloths   Durable plastic bins for toy storage - opaque (13"x13"x11")
Baby wipes   Paper plates
Soap refill jugs   Hand sanitizer
Band aids   Liquid bleach
Clorox Wipes   Diaper rash ointment
Ziploc bags   Blank CDs
Hand operated can openers   Staplers
CD player (can be used)   Giant rolls of colored paper
Ipad (can be used)   Gas cards (in $5 denominations)


Food for Snacks and Lunches

Cereal: Cheerios, Honey Bunches of Oats, Chex, Kix, Rice Krispies, Frosted Mini Wheats, Marshmallow Maties, Blueberry Toasters, Cinnamon Toasters   Canned fruit: peaches, pears, fruit cocktail, mandarin oranges
Cheese-Nibs Easy Mac Creamy peanut butter
Jell-O & pudding cups Canned corn Fruit snacks
Vanilla Wafers Canned green beans Juice boxes
Goldfish crackers Canned chili Raisins
Graham crackers Dried fruit Handi snacks
Animal crackers Fruit cups Granola bars
Ritz crackers Jelly/jam Ramen Noodles
Tortilla chips Rice cakes Apple sauce
Honey Frozen Chicken Nuggets Saltine crackers
Ketchup Ranch dressing  


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